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DATASAFE RECOVERY is one of the few data recovery companies in Hong Kong which have set up their own clean room facilities in urban areas. Countless organizations have successfully recovered data from us. DATASAFE RECOVERY will continue to strive for progress, communicate with the world’s top data recovery peers, understand the latest industry information, and strive to provide customers with the best service.


Computer data dominates the lifeblood of the world. No matter economic, social, scientific research, or even academic and cultural development, they rely on effective computer file storage systems. Computer file backup and restoration are an integral part. File backup and file restoration is a systematic and very professional job. It requires experienced professionals to analyze and solve problems. It also requires the cooperation of precision equipment. The goal of DATASAFE RECOVERY is to provide professional analysis for individuals or The company solves related problems and becomes a reliable partner to help customers flourish.


We take professionalism first and put forward the concept of “Three Specialties”:

Private Service

Each customer is followed up by a data recovery engineer to ensure fast response and the most appropriate support services. The important information of our guest will only be handled by the data restoration engineer, which greatly enhances the confidentiality of the file, reduces the leakage of data and saves unnecessary expenses.

Professional Service

DATASAFE RECOVERY specially developed archive backup and archive repair technology, introduced the most advanced and internationally recognized equipment, and constantly updated technology to provide our customers with the best service.


Each data recovery engineer who provides advice and services to our customers is a professional who has been in the file recovery and file backup industry for more than ten years. We have many years of relevant experience and has provided services to a number of commercial organizations and groups with best advice.